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Letter to Land Sellers

Kevin Pifer, America's Land Auctioneer

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The farmland market has officially entered a bullish phase as demand has outgrown supply, especially for excellent cropland, grazing land and hunting land. The current trend is being fueled by rising commodity prices, notably low interest rates, and less restricted trade tariffs. It also goes without saying that the pandemic and civil unrest have many property seekers looking for a more peaceful, safer life in rural America.

Simply put, this is a seller’s market.

Farmers, ranchers, and investors are intently focusing on expanding their land footprint and investment portfolio into quality land. If you are looking at selling anytime in the next few years now is likely the best time. Why? The Federal Reserve’s expansionary policy will eventually drive interest rates up, sooner rather than later, which will cost land buyers significantly more to finance their land purchases.

Pay attention, 2021 is going to see a notable surge in land values and prices offered at an auction. This will likely be a small window of opportunity.

The best, most proven method of selling farmland is by auction. Why? Farmland is something nearly everyone in agriculture wants to own. This alone builds a dynamic bidder pool of buyers. What’s more, investors are speculating that the meteoric increase in the capital and financial markets cannot sustain itself and alternative investments such as farmland are a haven.


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