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Farm Families and Their Land

Farm families often struggle with selling their land. Even if the landowner is a generation or two removed from the farm, why is it that they have a difficult and emotional time selling their family farmland?

Well, let me tell you why. To them it is not just dirt. It is not just soil. It is and was a way of life. It represents a fabric of character and family traditions that have been woven into their family for generations. The land is one chapter after another in their family’s life. It is a story of struggle and victory. Rain and sunshine. Planting and harvest. It is a story of humility and triumph. Failure and success. Responsibility and reward. Harvesting what you planted and nourished. To them, land ownership represents a source of pride, tempered by disappointment, frustration, failure, and loss. The anvil of life made them humble.

In many chapters there is a season of hope, new beginnings, and a new crop. It is called Spring. This chapter gives them hope and promise. A new crop is planted. The seed becomes a plant. Hope diminishes doubt. Promise gives life to their dreams. A new crop to harvest. They know the journey is difficult and full of challenges. Hail, wind, and drought linger in their mind as summer unfolds into fall. Yet, they have been taught to be eternally optimistic. Hope conquers fear.

Now comes the chapter of Fall. Harvest. It is the reward for hard work, grit, and sacrifice. But more than anything it represents the Will and Determination of the Human Spirit. It is the harvest of dreams. It is the gift born from desire. It is not just the harvest of food. It is food for the soul. It nourishes their desire and gives life to old and new dreams.

This journey as a farm family has shaped their lives. They learn the value of independence, hard work and cherish community. They are grateful for traditions. It is all part of who they are and who their children are. The land will forever be part of the very fabric of who they are.

This is why selling the family farm is difficult and emotional.

Kevin D. Pifer

America’s Land Auctioneer


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